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Now available, The ultimate Device in Complete Lighting Solutions. Control LED's, DMX-512 dimmers, and incandescent lights all from a web browser.

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The Complete Starter System

The Ultimate beginning point for getting started in lighting control. This Complete Starter System comes complete with everything you need to program and power RGB and White LED's. This system includes the Primary Layout Lighting Board with Ethernet cable, DC Power boards, plug-in power supplies, an input board, four metres worth of LED light strips, and an appropriate number of cables to connect everything together. All you need is a screwdriver, a little time, and great application ideas.

The Layout Lighting Solution

Layout Lighting is a complete ready to run lighting solution with an exceptionally simple user interface that connects to your wireless network and is programed via a web browser. Control LED's, DMX-512, and incandescent lights by setting various levels, presents, and events among other things.

PNET DC Power Controller

The DC Power Controller allows for High Current Switching and Dimming. Control items such as LED Lamps, LED Strips, 12 Volt DC Lamps, or other High-Current Loads. By receiving its commands over PNET this power controller has an infinite range of capabilities when used with the Layout Lighting Solution primary board. Simply provide your input source power, and connect your outputs to the terminal strips.

PNET to LocoNet® Bridge Board

This board allows you to use LocoNet® devices and translate those commands into PNET for use with a Layout Lighting Board. This board is perfect if you want to trigger lighting events based on the fast-clock.

PNET Opto-Input Controller

Trigger Lighting events by using buttons, switches, and motion sensors. This board allows you to directly connect your devices and translate trigger events to PNET commands which are then sent to the Layout Lighting Board.

PNET Block Occupancy Detector

Processor Controlled and Highly Accurate Block Occupancy Detector. Trigger Lighting events and sequences when there is a load on a wiring circuit. Ideal for model railroad applications.

RGB LED Light Strip

One Metre Long LED Strip, each LED on the strip contains three colors Red, Green, and Blue. May be powered up to 12 Volts DC and colors mixed based on voltage supplied to that color. The strips may also be cut into 2 inch pieces for further customizing, and strips may be combined together to form continuous lengths.


White LED Light Strip

1 Metre Long White LED Light Strip, power off 12VDC with a draw of 1Amp per strip. May also be cut into 2 inch Sections for more custom application.


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Visit this page for available downloads including User Manuals, FLASH Image Files, and PC Software supporting all PRICOM Design Products.

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