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Customer Project Showcase

"Words" Exhibition at the Dole Mansion, IL

Project & Installation: Belgin Yucelen

PRICOM Products Used: Dream Player LITE Starter Kit

Project Description: An art exhibition at the Dole Mansion in Illinois that encourages visitors to listen to each other more.

Morton's Academy (One Room Schoolhouse) Museum

Project & Installation: Norman Wells

PRICOM Products Used: MK2 Amplified, The Dream Switcher-Power Edition

Project Description: The Morton's Academy (One Room Schoolhouse) was built in 1880 and used until the mid 1920's in Swansboro North Carolina. Restoration of this One Room Schoolhouse was completed in 2013, preserving this treasure for a new generation of students and providing a glimpse into our educational past that is sure to create a lasting impression.

Chico Pediatric Dentistry: Spaceship Play Structure

Project & Instalation: Eric Roos, DDS

PRICOM Products Used: Dream Player PRO, 7 Opto-Input Boards

Project Description: An interactive waiting room experience for children at Chico Pediatric Dentistry, the U.S.S. GRA.NDREW Spaceship project features a Dream Player PRO and 7 Opto-Input boards that allows for 32 seperate push button triggers (LED Arcade Buttons) in a kid sized spacecraft complete with stunning audio, video, and rumble seat experience!

The Oahu Railway 

Project & Instalation: Jim Chiddix

PRICOM Products Used: Dream Player Layout Lighting Solution, 12 DC Power Controllers  

Project Description: A project of grand proportions, this scale model of The Oahu Railway is an impressive set up features sweeping Oahu views and spectacular lighting!    

Dream Player LITE Welding Scene

Project & Installation: Niel Bech

PRICOM Products Used: Dream Player LITE Starter Kit, Milli-Amp

Project Description: A fun use of the Dream Player LITE, adding audio and visual realism to a Model Railroad Welding Scene.

Interactive Christmas Displays

Project & Installation: Stephanie Scheffler

PRICOM Products Used: Dream Player LITE, Milli-AMP, Non-Powered Speakers

Project Description: These fun little displays are a great way to get into the Christmas Spirit without getting sick of hearing the same Christmas Songs over and over.

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