Professional Quality Audio, Lighting, and Accessories at a price a Hobbyist can afford!

Dream Player PRO

Audio Players

Solid-State Audio Players with no moving parts

Our line of Audio Players goes from simple Stereo Output all the way up to the MCRX with SMPTE and MIDI control in a professional rackmount chassis.

Whether you're looking to add sound and lighting to your Model Railroad, or looking for a way to personalize a home improvement project, our players will make your audio and lighting dreams come true!    



Audio Amplifiers in various sizes

Need an amplifier to drive your speakers? We have you covered! Our amplifiers range from 2W per channel, up to 10W per channel. Some of our Player models also include an integrated stereo amplifier

Active Mixer

Mixers and Switchers

Audio Input Mixing and Output Routing

Need to combine mutiple line-level audio signals together? We have the low-cost mixer you are looking for. Need to switch or route the output instead? We have that covered too!



Power Drivers, Motion Sensors, Power Supplies, Audio Cables

All the parts you need to complete your installation. Optically Isolated PNET Trigger Boards, Power Supplies, SD Cards, Patch Cables, Speakers, Wire...you name it!