All the extra things you need to complete your project!

PNET Products

Output Drivers, Input Controllers, Cables, etc.

ALL the PNET Products you need to implement your system.

PNET works with many PRICOM products, including the Layout Lighting System and the Dream Player PRO



Audio Amplifiers in various sizes

Need an amplifier to drive your speakers? We have you covered! Our amplifiers range from 2W per channel, up to 10W per channel. Some of our Player models also include an integrated stereo amplifier

Active Mixer

Mixers and Switchers

Audio Input Mixing and Output Routing

Need to combine mutiple line-level audio signals together? We have the low-cost mixer you are looking for. Need to switch or route the output instead? We have that covered too!

Button Board

Simple Push Button Board with LED's

Features 4 normally open push buttons and 4 LEDs ready to mount in your control panel. These work perfectly with our Dream Players and Layout Lighting boards for trigger inputs and control output status monitoring.

Motion Sensor

PIR Motion Sensor operates on body heat!

Use to trigger a Dream Player, or as an input to Layout Lighting. These units feature an Open Collector output signal which is perfect for all PRICOM Products. Some mail order motion sensors have a Logic Level output which will not work with our products. Use this sensor to ensure optimal operation of your PRICOM products.

Audio Patch Cable

Patch Cable with 3.5mm Stereo plugs on each end

These patch cables are  handy for many connections including Dream Player to Speakers, Mixer, Switcher, or hooking your cellular phone to our Active Mixer. Available in different lengths.

9VDC Power Supplies

9VDC Wall Power Supplies

These are handy for many uses to power your LED's or a Dream Player LITE. Always keep a few around, you will need them!

12VDC Power Supplies

12VDC Power Supplies

These are handy for many uses: to power your Dream Players, Mixer, Switchers, LED Strips, etc. We have small wall-type versions, and large capacity versions up to 30 Amps!

SD Cards

Replacement SD Cards for your projects

Make changing your Player's configuration easy with a backup SD Card, or have multiple cards for the same project to keep settings in tact for different applications with the same player