PNET OptoInput Controller

PNET OptoInput Controller

4-Channel Optically Isolated Input Controller

Connect switches, Buttons, Motion Sensors, or any type of contact closure

PNET Command and Control

Directly powered from PNET cable

Size: L- 2.5", W- 3.5", H- 0.5"

Board Only



PNET OptoInput Features

The PNET Opto-Input Controller allows you to generate PNET trigger events from four optically-isolated trigger inputs.

Use devices such as, buttons, switches, and motion sensors to trigger lighting or audio events over PNET.

Use to add triggers to your PRICOM Layout Lighting Solution for lighting effects controlled from input sensors.

Commonly paired with a Dream Player PRO to add more triggers to your project.

For each Opto-Input Controller you attach to a Dream Player PRO you get an additional 4 triggers, with up to 32 triggers possible!

PNET OptoInput Videos

PNET OptoInput Controller Wiring

PNET OptoInput Controller with Layout Lighting

Layout Lighting Starter Kit Assembly

Layout Lighting Software Operation

PNET OptoInput Accessories

PNET DC Power Controller

Need more power per output? The PNET DC Power Controller has 4 outputs at 8 Amps each using PNET

PNET Cables

You will need some PNET cables!

Spare Power Supply

Always a good idea to have a spare Power Supply around

PNET OptoInput Downloads

PNET OptoInput Quick Start

Complete PDF of the OptoInput Quick Start Guide