Premium 8-Channel Solid-State Audio Player

SMPTE Timecode Input and Output

MIDI Timecode Input and Output

8 Superior Quality Audio Outputs

Convenient 1RU Rackmount Chassis

Size: W- 19.0", H- 1.75", D- 12.2"



MCRX Overview

The MCRX is the most advanced multi-channel solid-state audio player on the market.

We received input from industry veterans, looked at many different applications, and then put our engineers to the test. The result is the PRICOM MCRX.

Some of the requests:

  • SMPTE timecode source triggering multichannel audio playback
  • SMPTE timecode output to grandMA3, HOG3, and HOG4 Lighting Controllers
  • External SMPTE animation system triggering audio playback
  • Audio playback can start anywhere in the middle of a file
  • Push button trigger starting audio playback then generating SMPTE and MIDI timecode output
  • ModbusTCP control to start a show, then generate SMPTE and MIDI timecode
  • Generate different SMPTE and MIDI timcode offset values in HH:MM:SS:FF for each file playback
  • Audio files changable remotely without having to remove flash cards
  • Let us know what YOU need!

MCRX Features

  • Balanced Audio Output from high-end D/A Converters using our studio proven filter design to provide unmatched audio fidelity.
  • Broadcast WAV file format support with 16 or 24 bits of resolution
  • Selectable Sample Rates of 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz, and 192Khz
  • Ultra-Low Jitter PLL clock stabilization eliminates high-frequency distortion
  • Front Panel headphone monitor for checking any file at anytime without affecting the main outputs
  • Load audio files from a front panel USB or directly from your web browser
  • SMPTE LTC and MIDI Timecode Input for triggering audio playback from external show control or lighting systems
  • SMPTE LTC and MIDI Timecode Output for syncronizing external show control or lighting systems
  • Hardware GPIO Trigger Inputs and Control Outputs for even more trigger capabilties
  • Serial, HTTP, ModbusTCP, and CAN bus trigger inputs and control outputs
  • Front Panel LCD and keypad for system configuration, status monitoring, and control
  • Web Browser Interface for configuration, status monitoring, and control

Start by loading your audio files onto the MCRX internal 128GB solid-state storage. Files can be loaded through a front panel USB jack or directly from your computer using a web browser from anywhere in the world! You can have hundreds of WAV files loaded at the same time. File names can be up to 64 characters long, no need to cryptically encode configuration featuers into the file name. All important file information including sample rate, channels, and bit depth are displayed on an easy to use web page. This allows quick and easy browsing of the files loaded into the MCRX.


Playback triggers, show events, and all other playback settings are configured into a "Slot". A Slot is what connects the audio file, the trigger events, and any control actions togeher into a cue. Using a Slot allows you to independently change the audio file, SMPTE or MIDI start time, SMPTE or MIDI generator configuration. Want to try several variations of the same audio file with different EQ or timing? Load them all onto the MCRX, then just change the Slot configuration to select each file, no need to rename or delete the files.


Any Slot can be triggered from any combination of SMPTE LTC, MIDI timecode, General Purpose I/O (GPIO), serial commands, or HTTP requests. Once a Slot is triggered, timecode can be generated on the SMPTE or MIDI output. You could also trigger playback at the specified SMPTE LTC location and generate MTC to a downstream controller with any time offset needed. Each of these configuration settings is made through a simple web interface.


Configuration settings that apply to the entire chassis such as Sample Rate, SMPTE and MIDI direction are set using the Web interface built into the MCRX, no special program is needed to generate configuration files. The configuration file can also be edited with a standard text file editor such as notepad.


Balanced Audio and SMPTE connections on the back panel utilize pluggable terminal strips for convenient wiring in a high-density situation. AES Digital Audio outputs are also on pluggable terminal strips. Ethernet, MIDI and Serial control use their appropriate standardized connectors.

The MCRX also features PNET connectivity to external Trigger Inputs and Control Outputs. PNET utilizes 6-wire RJ11/RJ12 modular cables for simple connections.

Perfect for Theme Park show playback, Theater audio playback with timecode, Cruise Ship show playback with timecode output, Animatronics audio playback with timecode output, and anywhere that audio is controlled by Timecode, or you need to generate Timecode with audio.

Have a special application? Let us know what YOU need!

MCRX Videos

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MCRX Accessories

Motion Sensor

Use a motion sensor to trigger any GPIO input on the MCRX

Button Board

Add the Button Board to simplify your control of the MCRX

MCRX Downloads

Dream Player MCRX User Manual

Complete PDF of the MCRX User Manual

Dream Player MCRX Firmware V1.1 Image File

Added front panel selectable DHCP or Static IP Config

For all changes and upgrade procedure, see the Release Notes inside the zip file