Dream Player MK2 Amplified

The Dream Player MK2 Amplified

Solid-State Audio Player

High Quality Sound for your Project

Integrated 2 watt Amplifier

Includes power supply and SD card

Size: L- 3.5", W- 3.5", H- 1"

Complete Kit



Dream Player MK2 Amplified Features

Have you ever dreamed of expanding past onboard sound for your Model Railroad? Birds singing, dogs barking, a sawmill running, men working in the shed, how about a logging operation? Do you have a Museum Display that you wish was more interactive? How about a piece of Artwork that is begging to tell a story? A baseball collection that deserves a description? Your daughter's dream doll house that plays her favorite song so her dolls can dance? The possibilities are endless!

Sound is an elegant and simple way to add realism to any project. Not just 'silly' sound effects, but full fledged High Quality Stereo Sound Tracks! Now you can have the luxurious Stereo Sounds your project deserves and a Solid-State device to play them. Customers have used our Players to add realism to their railroad layouts, theme park announcements, zoo exhibits, museum displays, information kiosks, Christmas lights...even motion sensing dresser drawers! If you can dream it, you can add sound to it with The Dream Player MK2 Amplified!

The Dream Player MK2 Amplified uses a Micro SD Flash card to store audio files on your Player and can be loaded with any WAV format audio file. This unique feature means you can load your own sounds onto the SD Card to create personalized audio tracks. No need to have a manufacturer load template sounds or send your player off to someone with expensive editing software to get the sound you want...now you can load and edit the files yourself! Copy a track from your favorite CD, record your own sounds, or use any of our FREE sound file downloads.

The Dream Player has been tested with Micro SD Flash Cards ranging from 1 MB up to 16 GB, which gives you up to 25 hours of Stereo File space to load onto your Dream Player using the 16GB card.

Also included on the SD Card is a "CONFIG" file. This file allows you to customize the behavior of your Dream Player and edit a variety of features to enhance your project. Things like: How long should my file fade out, 5 seconds, 1 second, no fade? Should your files trigger when you hold a button or when a button is released? Should they trigger from a motion sensor? The great thing about it is that you can change your configuration at any time to fit your ever changing project needs.

Not only can The Dream Player produce High Quality sound, it can also add a level of animation and automation to your project using onboard trigger Inputs and Outputs. With four different Inputs you can have your Player individually select the sound track that will play at any point in time. Each of the trigger inputs is optically isolated and can be connected to buttons, switches, sensors, block-occupancy detectors, or even a DCC Decoder. A visitor can push a button to start a scene, or simply walk-up, and a motion sensor can trigger your sound track. The Random Mode feature in the CONFIG file allows the Dream Player to select the track to play and then trigger one of up to eight different files on the track, giving you more variety for your projects.

But wait that's not all! The Dream Player also features four Control Outputs to allow the control of any accessory you wish. Let the Dream Player control lights, motors, servos, model crossing gates, model carnival rides, cranes, you name it. Each audio track on the SD Card has its own Control Output. That means you could have a 'Day' track with one set of lighting, and a 'Night' track with another set of lighting.

The Dream Player MK2 Amplified also features a built in 2 Watt Stereo Amplifier. This gives you two speaker connection options: You can provide audio to powered speakers using the Player's 3.5mm (1/8 inch) Stereo Audio Jack, or you can use the Player's two dual position terminal strips to provide audio to non-powered speakers utilizing the Player's built in 2 Watt Amplifier.

The Dream Player MK2 Amplified is great for portable modules, fixed layouts, adding triggerable sound to your project, controlling automated characters, controlling lights, or anything you can imagine with Layout Sound! No compromise in quality, this little guy packs a powerful punch with 44.1KHz 16-bit Stereo WAV files, the Dream Player MK2 Amplified sounds as good as a real CD player, but with no moving parts! Externally controllable, able to loop any sound without missing a beat, and the ability to choose powered or non-powered speakers, makes The Dream Player MK2 Amplified your Ultimate Audio Project Solution! Give your imagination the room to run wild and let The Dream Player MK2 Amplified take your project to the next level!

Dream Player MK2 Amplified Videos

PRICOM Dream Player MK2 - Introduction

Firmware Update on your Dream Player

Dream Player MK2 Amplified Accessories

Audio Patch Cables

Don't forget Audio Patch Cables

Motion Sensor

Use a motion sensor to trigger any input on the MK2

Button Board

Add the Button Board to simplify your control of the MK2

Dream AMP

Need more power? Use our 10W per channel amplifier to drive large speakers

Active Mixer

Combine multiple Dream Players, CD Players, Radio, or any other source into one output

Audio Switcher

Use the Control Outputs to route the Stereo Output signal to 4 speaker zones

Spare Power Supply

Always a good idea to have a spare Power Supply around

Spare SD Memory Card

Always a good idea to have a spare SD Card around

Dream Player MK2 Amplified Downloads

Dream Player MK2 AMP User Manual

Complete PDF of the Dream Player MK2 AMP User Manual

Dream Player MK2 AMP Firmware V2.3 Image File

Includes Config File Sample in the ZIP file

Dream Player Firmware released May 16, 2019.

Fixed an issue with ToggleTrigger introduced in v2.2 debounce fix. This issue made ToggleTrigger non-functional. To use ToggleTrigger, a toggle switch is connected to the trigger input. When the toggle is off, the Dream Player will play Track #1. When the toggle is on, the Dream Player will play Track #2.

See App Note or email info@pricom.com for more detailed information about ToggleTrigger mode.

For all changes and upgrade procedure, see the Release Notes inside the zip file

Dream Player MK2 AMP Firmware V2.2 Image File

Includes Config File Sample in the ZIP file

Dream Player Firmware released November 14, 2018.

Yes, been 4 years since the last update!

Fixed an issue where in some corner cases would not de-bounce the trigger input properly. When this happens, the track would start and immediately begin fading out. Some customers have worked around this bug by using no-retrigger. However, that means no other track could interrupt playback, which would not work in many situations. Depending on the age and manufacturing of a push button, this issue could be better or worse. The fix was re-factored trigger debounce logic.

On a Dream Player LITE in Random Mode, if you press a button and it picks a different track than the currently playing track (which is what you really want anyway), the player would fade out the currently playing track, then start another track. This is annoying because you can't stop the playback until the player randomly picks the same file twice in a row. Fixed by checking if is it a LITE, and then any button press will cause the fadeout and stop.

For all changes and upgrade procedure, see the Release Notes inside the zip file

Dream Player MK2 AMP Firmware V2.1 Image File

Includes Config File Sample in the ZIP file

Dream Player Firmware released August 25, 2014.

Fixed issue with MultiRandom in MK2 and MK2 Amplified. If any track set had a single file in it, the MK2 would play the single file on first trigger, but would play the wrong tracks from then on. This only applies to MultiRandom Mode.

For all changes and upgrade procedure, see the Release Notes inside the zip file

Dream Player MK2 AMP Firmware V2.0 Image File

Includes Config File Sample in the ZIP file

Dream Player Firmware released January 2, 2014.

Added new feature in the Config File called "StealthMode". This will shut off both the Red and Green LED's after power up. Both LED's will stay off even while playing. This saves about 20 MA of power. Also reduces distraction of the LED's blinking if you want a dark player without flashing lights.

This can be combined with "BatteryMode" to save even more power.

Added new feature in the Config File called "BatteryMode". This will suspend the processor one second after any activity has completed. Power consumption in this mode is about 6MA @ 9VDC rather than the original 60MA, or a 10x improvement in battery life. This should be combined with "StealthMode" to save the most power. (side effect is that when suspended, the DAC will be muted and its Clock shut off. There could be a small transient pop depending on your application output.

Added new feature in the config file called "StartupDelay". This will cause triggers to be ignored for a specified number of seconds. "StartupDelay=12" will make the LITE or MK2 ignore any triggers for 12 seconds. The value set using StartupDelay=xxxx is in seconds, and mostly used for Motion Sensors that falsly trigger for some time after power is applied to them. For the PRICOM PIR Motion Sensor, set this to the following: "StartupDelay=30" to insure no false triggers happen before motion is seen my the Motion Sensor.

Fixed the "Random" when not in MultiRandom Mode. MultiRandom mode changed from "random" to a "shuffle" to make the track selection appear more random in version 1.4 (described way down below). However, the RandomMode was not changed to a "shuffle". This became irritating with some customers (namely my daughter) with a LITE and 4 files that didn't really randomly play. So now the RandomMode will now "Shuffle" the files instead of just randomly picking.

RandomMode can now "Shuffle" up to 32 file with the WAV extension. No need to name them "1-" etc. You can just put up to 32 files on the SD card and enable "RandomMode" in the config file. All files will use the first ControlOuput since there can be way more than 4 files now. This update also works on the LITE, so you can load up to 32 files on a LITE and get a Shuffle of those files upon each button press or external TriggerInput.

For all changes and upgrade procedure, see the Release Notes inside the zip file

Dream Player MK2 AMP Firmware V1.8 Image File

Dream Player Firmware released April 9, 2013.

Added new feature in the Config File called "PlayWhileTrigger". This makes a track ONLY PLAY while the input trigger is active.

This can be combined with LoopWhileTrigger so that a file will loop as long as the trigger is active, but stop right after the trigger is released. If the FadeTime is set, or if NoFade is set, the PlayWhileTrigger will obey these settings as well.

Dream Player MK2 AMP Firmware V1.7 Image File

Dream Player Firmware released December 29, 2012.

Fixed issue with BackgroundMode with NoRetrigger on the MK2. The MK2 would play the Background Track, but could not be triggered at all from there. With corrected version, NoRetrigger can be used with BackgroundMode so that a trigger can happen while playing the Background Track, but no triggers will be seen while playing a triggered track during playback.

Added separate HighTrigger settings for each of the 4 trigger inputs on the MK2. This way, each trigger input can be normally-open or closed. The Config File settings are "HighTrigger1" "HighTrigger2" "HighTrigger3" and "HighTrigger4"

The Version string displayed through the RS-232 port now includes a Timestamp of the version build date.