The LCS2

Advanced Lighting Control System

32 Motorized Multifunction Faders

10.1" and 7" Touch Screens

Precision T-Bar for manual fades

8 Universes Total, 4 Direct DMX Outputs

SMPTE and MIDI Timecode Input and Output



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LCS2 Overview

The perfect blend of manual and automatic control for your House of Worship

The LCS2 (or L2 as we like to call it) was created FOR church techs BY church techs. Inspired by the needs of our own church, other local churches, and a general lack of capabilities in other products. For years we used free software and several MIDI control panels to try and create an environment that was flexible and volunteer friendly. Windows updates, USB devices, too much desk space, and no way to easily adjust a moving head position, all added to the frustration.

The L2 is the perfect blend of manual and automatic control creating a volunteer friendly atmosphere. Many churches pre-program their lighting cues in advance, then leave a volunteer to press the button. That is fine if you have the time and staff for pre-programming. However, at smaller churches (like ours) there is no time to pre-program cues, and you never know where the musicians will stand until Sunday morning rehearsal.

We created the L2 to EASILY re-aim, adjust, and manually control moving heads on-the-fly without a computer and mouse. Most consoles and computer software require you to be in "Program" or "Run" mode for cue playback, with this approach you cannot edit presets once you are up and running. That just doesn't work in the unpredictable world of live worship services. Pastors can change their path at any time, and who knows where your guest speaker will go. You need a console that can operate modern complex moving head lights, but will also allow you to adjust settings quickly while running live.

LCS2 Features

  • 32 Motorized Multifunction Faders. Direct edit light levels, or any parameter of a complex fixture
  • User-friendly interface on 10.1" and 7" dual touch screens
  • 10 position Cue Runner panel with high-quality keys for playing cues from each stack
  • Precision Dual T-Bar faders provide precise control of manual fades
  • Each fader or Cue Runner has an independent OLED display giving quick information and status
  • High quality keyboard with backlit keys for speedy data entry
  • 8 Universes total on ArtNET over Ethernet, with 4 direct DMX outputs on the back panel
  • SMPTE LTC and MIDI Timecode Input for triggering any Cue or Effect by Timecode
  • SMPTE LTC and MIDI Timecode Output for syncronizing external show control
  • Stereo Audio Output on professional balanced XLR connectors. Play music or effects directly from the L2
  • Dual 12V LED cue lights on BNC connectors with adjustable brightness to suit any light level
  • Top panel USB jack for removable storage to backup shows, or connect an external mouse and keyboard
  • Temperature controlled variable speed cooling fan stays silent when not needed
  • PNET Bus for I/O expansion. Based on the CAN bus, this connects to many other PRICOM accessories
The LCS2

Backlit keyboard keys and illuminated soft-touch keys below each fader. Fader soft keys allow you to switch between scene and edit mode directly. To edit fixture parameters, simply press the soft key for the desired fixture, the motorized fader bank will change to fixture edit mode with each fixture channel function displayed on individual OLED displays.

The LCS2

Compact design with full direct access to most functions without needing to dive into menus. Large keyboard means quick entry or navigation to any screen without using the touch screen. Of course, you can also use the touch screens!

Designed to fit in the typical tech booth, the LCS2 is only 27" wide and 21" deep. Don't let that small size fool you, the LCS2 is packed with power to run your large Easter or Christmas productions as well as Sunday services.

The LCS2

The back panel includes rigid panel mount XLR connectors for DMX output and Ethercon style ArtNET network jacks. MIDI Input and Output on standard 5-pin DIN jacks. SMPTE LTC Input and Output use transformer balanced XLR connectors ensuring no ground noise between lighting and sound systems. Audio Output is by standard balanced XLR connectors for playing sound effects, narration, intro slates, or even intermission announcements.

The LCS2

Custom hand-crafted wood side and front panels are available in several colors and finishes. Match the look of your sanctuary, and add a touch of elegance to your booth.

The LCS2 is perfect for your House of Worship, Theme Park show playback, Community Theater Lighting Control, Cruise Ship Lighting Control with timecode input and output, and anywhere that flexible Lighting Control is needed.

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LCS2 Videos

In this episode, we introduce the LCS2 and walk through the front panel controls and back panel connections

In this episode, we show you how to create Fixtures, Presets, Cues, and add them to Stacks and light them up in ten minutes!

In this episode, we show you the details of the Config screen on the LCS2. DMX output settings, network settings, cue lamp intensity, all the details you need to know.

In this episode, we show you the details of Fixture Configuration and Custom Fixture Creation on the LCS2

We show you the lighting sequences for "Breath Of Heaven" from Trinity Shows production of The Promise 2021. You can see the full show stream at Trinity Shows web site

We show you the lighting sequences for "Silent Night" from Trinity Shows production of The Promise 2021. You can see the full show stream at Trinity Shows web site

LCS2 Accessories

OptoInput Board

Add Optically Isolated Trigger Inputs to LCS2 using PNET

DC Power Controller

Control Local GPIO's with your LCS with Four 8Amp Control Outputs using PNET

Hex Driver Controller

Using smaller LED's? This is the perfect answer with 16 1 Amp Control Outputs using PNET

PNET Cables

If you use PNET boards with your LCS2, you will need some PNET cables!

LCS2 Downloads

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