PNET Output Controller

PNET Output

4-Channel PNET Output Controller

Control 400MA Per Channel

Trigger other devices including Arduino

Size: L- 2.5", W- 3.5", H- 0.5"

Board Only



PNET Output Controller Features

The PNET Output Controller proves 4 channels of control output for triggering external devices like Dream Players, Arduino boards, or other animation systems from PNET.

Control items such as LED Lamps, relays, or other low-current Loads.

By receiving its commands over PNET this output controller has an infinite range of capabilities when used with the Layout Lighting Solution primary board or a Dream Player PRO.

When switching small loads such as LEDs or trigger inputs, no external power is required and can be powered from the PNET cable

PNET Output Controller Videos

PNET Output Controller with Layout Lighting

Layout Lighting Starter Kit Assembly

Layout Lighting Software Operation

PNET Output Controller Accessories

OptoInput Board

Add Optically Isolated Trigger Inputs using PNET

PNET DC Power Controller

Need more power per output? The PNET DC Power Controller has 4 outputs at 8 Amps each using PNET

PNET Cables

You will need some PNET cables!

Spare Power Supply

Always a good idea to have a spare Power Supply around

PNET Output Controller Downloads

PNET Output Controller Quick Start

Complete PDF of the Output Controller Quick Start Guide