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General Questions

Where are you products made?

Quality is our priority here and we are proud to say that all of our products are designed and manufactured here in the great United States of America in the state of Colorado.

I have a very specific project that I need to add audio to.

If one of our standard boards does not suite your situation we are more than happy to provide custom design and production of a system for you.

Help I broke it!!!

Should something happen that prevents proper performance of one our products please contact us and we can arrange a replacement or repair service.

What is your return & exchange policy?

If for some reason you are not satisfied with an item we can offer an exhange or can issue a full refund of the item's purchase price if the item is returned within 30 days. At any time should one of our products break or fail in standard oparation, please contact us and we can arrange a replacement. So for a full refund for a return item please return withing 30 days, after that we can offer an exchange for a similar item or a credit towards another order.

Dream Player Specific Questions

Can I load my own recordings onto the Dream Player?

Absolutely, if you have a live recording of that scene that you are modeling you may use that, or if you have a CD of a sound effect that would be perfect for your scenario you can use it. The beauty of using a Dream Player is the ability to load your own files and sounds. The only requirement is that the file has to be in .WAV file format, which is a very standard format and is the type used on nearly all CDís.

Do you provide the sounds?

NoÖ well kind of. We do provide some sample sound files on our website and with the CD included with the Dream Player, but the purpose of our products is that you the user are able to load whatever sound files you want.

Does the Dream Player support mp3 files?

No, to keep in our model of providing high quality audio, our products only support playing .WAV files.

The Dream Player plays fine with the sample sound files, but when I load my own files onto the SD Card nothing plays?

Ensure that your files are in 44.1 KHz WAV format. If you already had items on the SD Card and you then added the Dream Player files, the card may be fragmented.

The audio file stops playing or skips suddenly.

This could be the result of file fragmentation, which may be caused by having files already on the SD Card deleting some and then loading new ones in their place. Letís say for example that you had tracks 1,2,3,4 on the SD Card but you wanted to try a different file for track 2 so you deleted it and installed a different track 2. This may result in some of the file pointers being overwritten or miss placed which could result in choppy playback or none at all. To fix this problem ensure that all files on the SD Card are deleted and reloaded in the desired order.

DCC Tester Specific Questions

Can the DCC Tester communicate via USB?

Certainly; however since the DCC Tester uses a RS-232 port you will need a USB to RS-232 adaptor, which may be obtained at many electronic retailers.

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