The Milli-AMP

The Milli-AMP

2W Stereo Class-D Amplifier

Super-Efficient Class-D Amplifier

Drives 8 Ohm Speakers

9VDC up to 12VDC Power Source

Size: L- 1", W- 2", H- 1"

Board Only



Milli-AMP Features

Directly power your own speakers with this efficient 2 Watt Stereo Power Audio Amplifier.

All connections are made using screw closure terminal strips to allow for simple and direct wiring of speakers and supplying power. Volume is adjustable using the convenient on-board knob to allow for precise volume control. Audio source input is supplied using an audio patch cable and connecting the Milli-AMP to a playback device such as a Dream Player.

The Milli-AMP can be powered from a variety of sources, from a simple plug in wall supply to a solar panel. The DC supply can be anywhere from 9-20 volts giving quite a range of options from which to power the Milli-AMP.

Best of all the Milli-AMP measures only 2 inches wide and 1 inch long making it an excellent choice for smaller projects where space is limited.

Milli-AMP Videos

PRICOM Milli-AMP Wiring

PRICOM Milli-AMP Introduction

Milli-AMP Accessories

Audio Patch Cables

Don't forget Audio Patch Cables

Active Mixer

Use our Active Mixer to feed the input to the Milli-AMP

Power Supply

Perfect Power Supply for the Milli-AMP

Milli-AMP Downloads

Milli-AMP Quick Start Manual

Complete PDF of the Milli-AMP Quick Start Manual