AES Modular Repeater

Professional AES Amplifier for AESOP

Electronically balanced AES input

One Buffered AES Output

44.1KHz, 48KHz, 96KHz, and 192KHz Sample Rate

Size: L- 2.5", W- 3.5", H- 0.5"

Complete Board



AES Modular Repeater Features

We designed this AES Modular Repeater for a special customer that makes High-End Professional outdoor speaker systems.

Individual speaker units are placed all around a theme park spanning hundreds of acres in size. The speaker count can be very high, depending on the size of the attraction. AES3 Digital Audio is used to deliver pristine digital audio to the speakers in "chains". Each speaker "chain" plays the same audio, but has the benefit of being wired for Left or Right channel. This provides 2 "zones" per AES3 signal chain.

Inside each speaker unit is one of our AES DAC's.

The AES Modular Repeater was needed for long runs of the PowerSoft AESOP networking cables. When these cables are run great distances, the AES signal and Ethernet signals were degrading to the point that they could not make the run. We developed the AES Modular Repeater to boost the AES pairs, and bring the Ethernet pairs out for convenient attachement of your own Ethernet switch.

The AES Modular Repeater is powered from 12-24VDC on a 2-pin terminal strip as well as coaxial power jack.

AES Input signal is received by a differential line receiver. It is this onfiguration that makes it possible to run the AES3 signal hundreds of feet on CAT5 cable.

The PRICOM AES Modular Repeater is also electronically driven (not an AES3 transformer), this combination of AES Splitter feeding the AES DAC makes cable runs of hundreds of feet possible. Normally AES3 signals are transformer ballanced, which reduces the voltage swing possible in the wire. Our incresed voltage level on the CAT5 cable makes the long runs with 110 Ohm termination run higly reliable at 24Bits/48KHz without using Fiber.

The PRICOM AES Modular Repeater is the perfect AES3 PowerSoft AESOP Signal Amplifier to integrate into your own product!

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