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Robert Scheffler, founder and principal engineer of PRICOM INC, is responsible for the overall direction of technical strategies at PRICOM. For over 20 years, Robert has been the key visionary behind many advanced development projects, many of which resulted in founding start-up companies.

Much of Robert's career has been centered around DRAM-based servers, including the new Broadbus Technologies B-1™ server family. Broadbus develops server and software solutions to enable the streaming of video to cable customers. Much more than pay-per-view, Broadbus lets you pause, fast-forward and rewind the program you are viewing. In the future, Broadbus will deliver Television On Demand solutions to allow the viewing of live-television, when and where you want. (please see for more information) The B-1 represents the 4th generation of DRAM technology servers architected by Robert.

Affectionately known as the "RAM guy", Robert's fascination with solid-state memory technology began in 1983 when he converted an array of 48 hard-drives used for multi-track audio recording to RAM and dramatically improved server reliability. Since 1990, Robert has been awarded more than 17 U.S. and international patents covering various aspects of technology with many more pending.

Besides DRAM Servers, he has created many successful hardware products for Industrial Controls, Theatrical Lighting, Toys, Audio Recording, Studio Sound, and Games. In addition to hardware, many software projects have been completed including Educational Software, Projector Controllers, Database Engines, Data Mining Applications, Data Conversion Utilities, Networking Protocols, and Transaction Based Server Software.

Robert has served as chief engineer and architect in numerous projects for clients such as Abbott Interfast, American Airlines, BAI Publishers, Dow Chemical, Duplitronics, Fastener Oasis, Foamtek, Hasbro, IPI/PMC, Leading Golf Courses of America, Magic Music, MCA Records, Nanosoft, Philips Electronics, Six Flags, Tiger Electronics, Universal Music Group, Universal Recording, and Verifone.

Mr. Scheffler has previously served as Vice President of Engineering for Duplitronics, Senior Vice President of Technology for Nanosoft, Chief Technology Officer for Magic Music, Chief Technology Officer for Fastener Oasis, Chief Architect for Broadbus Technologies, and Chief Technology Officer for Broadbus Technologies. He also served on the Board Of Directors for many of these companies.

In order to contribute his visionary skills and participate in related industries, Bob is a member of NCTA (National Cable Television Association), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), SCTE (Society of Cable Television Engineers), SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), CTAM (Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing), and the NMRA (National Model Railroad Association).

Robert resides near Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife and is the proud father of ten children. The kids all love trains and we have a large layout, which serves to test product ideas!

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