The Layout Lighting Solution

The Layout Lighting Solution

Set-up and Control Lighting Sequences and Events Using a Web Browser

SD Card Stores ALL Configuration Data

Ethernet Connects to Local Network

Control LEDs, DMX 512, and Incandescent Lights

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PRICOM started by designing the “brain” of the Layout Lighting solution. The Layout Lighting board includes interfaces to DCC, PNET (PRICOM Network), DMX-512 dimmers, your home network, local buttons and LED’s. These interfaces allow simple connections to various inputs and output devices giving the flexibility to suit any environment. Inputs can trigger any sequence of outputs including lighting effects, sound elements, motion, and anything you can imagine. All events and triggers are programmed using a simple web-based interface that you can control with your computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, or other Wi-Fi connected device and a web browser.

From the web interface, you simply create “Scenes” by assigning the lighting devices associated with each scene in your layout. Each scene can be any mix of DMX-512 AC dimmers and PNET DC dimmers directly driving LED lamps. Scenes should include the overhead lights, but also the buildings and any other dimmable lamps you wish to control. The solution supports up to 64 individual scene aread in your project allowing you to divide into natural areas. After the “Scene” areas are defined, you then create “Presets” for each “Scene”, one for each time of day or event you wish to appear (day, night, dusk, etc). The solution supports 32 presets for each of the 64 scenes (that is 2,048 different presets!). Simple and intuitive sliders allow you to adjust the desired lighting level for each of the AC or DC dimmers from your tablet, laptop, or smartphone, while watching the results in real-time. No fumbling with CV’s or other cryptic configurations, it is all done from a web browser!

The real magic of the PRICOM Layout Lighting Solution is the Automation Engine. Begin by creating a “Sequence” and give it a name such as “Rolling Sunset”. Next we create some number of “Steps” to implement that rolling sunset we dream of. Our Rolling Sunset will be started by some event, a push button, 6:30PM on the fast-clock, etc. So we create a “Step” waiting for an event, then another step for each lighting or sound element we want to trigger. For a rolling sunset, we would create a “Step” for each Scene we want to fade to a specific Preset. Get creative! You can create up to 64 Sequences, each with up to 32 Steps, so there is really no limit to your imagination.

Further customize your project by integrating some of our many accessory boards, such as our PNET DC Power Controller for high power draw applications. Use a PNET Input controller to use buttons and other inputs to trigger lighting events. A complete list of Lighting Accessory boards may be found on this website.

View the videos below to see demonstrations of the Layout Lighting Solution in action.

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Layout Lighting Introduction Video

Starter Kit Assembly Video

Software Operation Video

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The Layout Lighting Solution (LOL-SOL)

Includes the 'Master' Layout Lighting Board, an Ethernet Cable, and 12 Volt Power Supply.



Complete Layout Lighting Starter System (LOL-SOLST)

Everything needed to automate your Layout Lighting in one Complete Package!

You receive:

1 Primary Layout Lighting Board

2 DC Power Controller Boards

2 RGB LED Strips,each one meter long

2 White LED Strips, each one meter long

1 PNET Opto-Input Board

3 Power Supplies 12VDC and 1Amp

1 Preloaded Micro SD Card

1 SD Card Adapter

Plus all the Ethernet and PNET Cables required to complete the set-up.