The Dream Switcher

The Dream Switcher

Size: L - 2.25", W - 3.5", H - 0.5"

Audio Switching Accessory for Dream Players

Allows 4 sets of speakers to be selected by the Dream Player

Put Seperate Speakers in Different Areas of Your Project

All Power and Control Signals are Supplied by the Dream Player

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The Dream Player is an excellent way to add realistic sounds to your audio applications, but what happens when you want to control multiple sets of speakers with a single Dream Player? Using its Control Outputs, the Dream Player is capable of controlling relays or other loads. These Control Outputs can be set up to control relays to select separate speaker systems as each of the Dream Player audio tracks is playing.

Meet the Dream Switcher

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This diagram shows the basic connection of a Dream Player and a Dream Switcher, using the Control Outputs of the Dream Player, in this set up you can use relays to select your speakers.

The Dream Switcher is a simple circuit board with 4 relays, audio connectors, and a terminal strip. For the more tech savy customer, Here is the Schematic if you would like more information on the circuitry.

The Dream Switcher can be used with PRICOM Dream Players, CD players, or any other audio source signal. It can also be used for low-level power switching.

For more Dream Switcher application information, CLICK HERE.

Some of our customers have devised clever diode arrangements that combine more than one Dream Player Control Output to switch multiple relays at once. If you are one of these clever people, consider writing a Bob's Bench article for us to share with the world.

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The Dream Switcher (DP-SWA)

Requires an Audio Patch Cable to connect to the Dream Player, or other audio source



Audio Patch Cable (CA-AUDIO-6)

6 foot long 3.5mm Audio Patch Cable

Used to connect stereo audio devices