The Dream Player PRO

The Dream Player PRO

The Dream Player PRO

Size: L- 3.5", W- 4.5", H- 1"

Premium Solid-State WAV file Audio Player

The Ultimate Project Audio Solution

Adds High Quality Sounds to your Project

Capable of Playing up to 6 files at the Same Time

Personalize with your own Audio Files

Sound Scene files available by Free Download

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Download Free Audio Scenes, Firmware Updates, and User Manuals

Have you ever dreamed of expanding past onboard sound for your Model Railroad? Birds singing, dogs barking, a sawmill running, men working in the shed, how about a logging operation? Do you have a Museum Display that you wish was more interactive? How about a piece of Artwork that is begging to tell a story? A baseball collection that deserves a description? Your daughter's dream doll house that plays her favorite song so her dolls can dance? A Christmas Light Display that needs some audio?

If you answered yes to any of these questions the Dream Player PRO is the product for you!

The Dream Player PRO is a high quality, customizable, audio player that can be programmed to fit your specific project needs.

The Dream Player PRO packs a powerful audio punch with 44.1KHz, 16 Bit, Stereo, WAV files, no compromising MP3s, this player sounds as good as a CD Player.

No Moving Parts, completely customizable, externally controllable, loops without missing a beat, and won't wear out!

Using a Micro SD Flash Card (like you find in most digital cameras and mobile phones) the Dream Player PRO allows you to load your own audio files from your computer onto your player, allowing you to have your own custom tracks without the stress of finding compatible files. No expensive sound modules that aren't quite what you're looking for, no need to have the manufacturer load your sounds permanently, or send it off to a fancy programmer, load the sounds yourself! Best of all, you can change your audio files any time you want!

Interested in automation or animation? The Dream Player includes four separate trigger inputs to individually select the sound track that will play at any point in time. Each of the trigger inputs is opto-isolated and can be connected to buttons, switches, sensors, block-occupancy detectors, or even DCC Decoders. A visitor can push a button to start a scene, or simply walk-up, and a motion sensor can trigger any suitable sound track. You can use the Dream Player's random mode feature to select tracks, giving your project sounds more variety and opening up endless doors of inspiration!

The Dream Player PRO has been tested with Micro SD Cards ranging from 1 MB-16GB, allowing up to 25 hours of Stereo CD Quality files with the 16GB card.

You can have up to four seperate tracks on your Dream Player PRO letting the Trigger Inputs select the track, and up to 8 audio files per track using Random Mode. Thats 32 files! You can also load a Background Track.

Along with your Audio Files your Micro SD Card will contain a "CONFIG" File. This file allows you to customize the behavior of your Dream Player PRO. Characteristics such as: How long should my fade out be? 5 seconds? 1 second? None at all?; Should my files play when I press and hold a button? Press and release?; Should the file trigger when motion is detected?...These are just a few examples of the possibilities with the CONFIG file, the beauty of it is you can change these features at anytime to fit your ever changing project needs.

But wait, that's not all! The Dream Player PRO also features four Control Outputs to allow the option of controlling accesories. Let the Dream Player control your project lights, motors, crossing gates, name it! Each Audio Track on the Player has its own Control Output, which means you could have a 'Day' track with one set of lighting, a 'Night' Track with another set of lighting, seperate songs and lighting configurations for each track...let your imagination go wild! The Dream Player was designed to be as flexible as your creativity.

Perfect for Portable Modules, Model Railroads, Dioramas, Replacing a CD Player, Store Greetings, Museum Displays, Artwork Displays, School Projects, Crafts, Collections, Controlling Automated Characters, Controlling Lights...Take the ultimate high quality Dream Player, add your sounds (or ours), and get set to create a stunning project!

PRICOM Dream Player PRO - Introduction

PRICOM Dream Player PRO - CONFIG File

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The Dream Player PRO (without SD Flash Card) (DP-PRO)

Includes: 1 Dream Player PRO, Sampler CD and Quick Start Guide



Complete Dream Player Plug and Play Starter Package (DP-PROST)

Everything you need to get sounds up and running in the shortest amount of time*:

1-Dream Player PRO Board

1-ULN 2803 Replacement Output Chip

1-12VDC 1A Power Supply

1-Pre-Loaded 4GB SD Card

1-Micro SD Card Adapter

Complete Digital User Manual

Sampler CD

Quick Start Guide

*The only thing you have to supply are the speakers and you are ready to go.



ULN2803 Control Output Driver Chip (ULN2803)

Replacement driver chip used for control outputs. Socketed 18pin DIP package on the Dream Player. Keep a couple around to protect against wiring mishaps!



12VDC 1A Wall Transformer (TXW-12V1A)

This is a tried and true power supply, guaranteed to work with your Dream Players.



Quick-Start SD Card (SD-PRO)

1-4GB Micro SD Card pre-loaded with Sample Audio Files and the CONFIG File

1- Micro SD Card Adapter