The Dream Player LITE

The Dream Player LITE

The Dream Player LITE

Size: L-2.5", W-2", H- 0.5"

Use WAV files to add Lush Sounds to your Project

Personalize with your own Audio Files

Play Multiple Audio Tracks

Control a Variety of Outputs

Control Inputs such as Push Buttons and Motion Sensors

Everything is Stored on a Removable Micro SD-Card allowing you to Customize your Player to your Individual Project Needs

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Free Audio Scenes, Firmware Updates, CONFIG File Updates

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Have you ever wanted to add sound to your project but couldn't find a device small enough, or capable enough, to meet your needs? Have you tried using MP3 players but are not satisfied with the quality of the sound? Have you modified devices to fit your needs but still don't have quite what you need? Do you have to remove your devices from your project to change batteries? Are you tired of the same factory provided sounds that your hear in everyone else's projects?

What if there was a device that was designed with you in mind? An Audio Player that produced high quality sound...could be powered off of a constant power source...would play YOUR files not factory mass produced sounds...could be updated and edited without removing the device from your Audio Player that is so smart it can even control lights or motors while playing your sound files...Look no further!

PRICOM Design has created an Audio Player just for you!

The Dream Player LITE was designed with 4 things in mind: compact size, customizable audio, trigger controlled input/output, and low power consumption.

Measuring 2 x 2 ½ inches The Dream Player LITE can easily fit inside even the most compact projects.

Sound files are stored on a MicroSD Card that can be removed from the Player, allowing you the option to modify your audio files without dismantling your project.

The Dream Player LITE plays high quality 44.1 KHz, stereo, 16bit, WAV Files. Giving you the ultimate audio experience.

We have tested SD Card sizes ranging from 1GB-16GB. This means you could potentially have up to 25 hours of CD quality music playing from your project!

The Input Control of The Dream Player LITE enables you to control your device with external controls such as push buttons and motion sensors, while the Output Control allows you the option to control various output devices such as LEDs.

Drawing only 50ma The Dream Player LITE can last 4 hours on one 9V battery charge. And even longer on 4 AA batteries.

The most exciting feature of The Dream Player LITE is the "CONFIG" file. Stored on your player's SD Card, this customizable file allows you to change the characteristics of your player to fit your specific project needs. How long should my fade out be? 5 seconds? 1 second? None at all? Should the file play only while you hold a button? How about starting the track when the button is released and stop playing the file when pressed again? What about multiple tracks? These are just a handful of configurations you can control. The beauty of it is that you can change your settings at anytime to fit your own personal situation.

Our wide range of customers have used these amazing little devices in Museum Displays, Zoo Exhibits, Theme Park Announcements, Information Kiosks, Christmas Lights, Model Railroad Scenes, Artwork Displays, Doorbells...and much more! The possibilities are only limited by the expanse of your imagination!

If you're looking for something to enhance your next big idea try a Dream Player LITE today!

PRICOM Dream Player LITE - Part 1: Un-Boxing

PRICOM Dream Player LITE - Solid State Audio Player

How to use a motion sensor with a Dream Player

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The Dream Player LITE (DP-LITE)


1 Dream Player LITE, Sample CD, Quick Start Guide



The Dream Player LITE-Starter Kit (DP-LIST)

Includes everything you need to start playing sounds*:

1-Dream Player LITE

1-4GB Micro SD Card

1-9VDC 1A Power Supply

Micro SD Card Adapter

Sample CD

Quick Start Guide

*All you have to provide are the speakers



9VDC 1Amp Wall Transformer (TXW-9V1A)

This is a tried and true power supply, guaranteed to work with your Dream Players



Quick-Start SD Card (SD-LITE)


1-4GB Micro SD Card Pre-loaded with Sample Audio Files and the CONFIG File

1-Micro SD Card Adapter