Bob's Bench

How to Rip CDs to your Hard Drive

We have had many questions in the past regarding how to take the audio tracks from a favorite CD and put them into .wav format so you can play the sounds with the dream player. Well in this edition of Bob’s Bench we are going to take you through a quick and easy step by step process on how to put audio files into .wav format and put them on your Dream Player.

The first step in an operation of this type is to obtain a good CD ripper to take the tracks from your CDs and put them into a folder on your hard drive. There are two main programs that you can use to do this. One is to use Windows Media Player 11 which most Windows users will already have on their computers otherwise it can be obtained by going to or else If you don't want to use Windows Media Player you may also use a free program called CDDA Ripper (we'll call it the "ripper") that you can obtain by going to and searching CDDA ripper it'll be one of the first on the list. Just download the files and follow the setup menus until it successfully installs.

Now let's talk about how to run put the CD onto the hard drive.

For Windows Media Player,

1.Simply start off by putting the CD into your computer.

2. On the top of the media player you will find a button labeled "Rip" click this button and you will see a pull down menu.

3. From this pull down menu you will want to select "Format" this will bring up another menu.

4. From this menu you select "WAV (lossless)".

5. After that you just select the tracks you want to put onto your computer and push the "Rip" button.

6. After all your tracks say "ripped" next to the titles you are finished.

The CDDA Ripper works in a very similar process.

A..Load the CD into the drive

B.Open the ripper.

When you have the ripper opened and a CD loaded you should see track numbers under the title bar entitled "Track name", these are the track numbers on the CD. If however it does not show tack numbers try closing and then opening the ripper once again.

Inside the ripper are three columns; Track name, Time, and Encoder.

Track name: This is where the track number/name is displayed

Time: Here is where you can see how long the individual track is.

Encoder: Here is where you chose what format you want the ripper to save the tracks as.

1. Okay now check the boxes of the tracks you wish to save onto the hard drive, make sure the Encoder is set to save as WAV 44.1 KHz 16bit Stereo (This is the best format to play on the Dream Player.

2. At the bottom of the page select you Output Folder, I recommend creating a folder in your C drive and calling it Audio Files but please use a file that is most appealing to you.

3. Now as soon as you feel like your ready to start ripping tracks, click on the button with the CD and file in the upper left hand corner.

4. After you click the button the program will start ripping tracks you will be able to see its progress in the far right column for each track.

5. As soon as all the checked tracks say completed you are ready for the next phase, loading the tracks onto the SD card.

Good Job! You got your tracks off the CD and onto your hard drive.

Now let's assume that you like the sound track just the way it is and don't want to edit the file. (We'll discuss how to edit, merge, and export files in a later article). In order to load data onto an SD Card you need a Card Reader. These can be easily obtained at any electronic store for around $15. While you are shopping for a reader look around for an SD Card if you don't have one already. Several sizes are available, starting with 128 MB which can store approximately 12 minuets of .wav files, and roughly doubling in size to 2GB holds about 180 minuets. The price will vary between stores, but the price for a nice 2GB Card is usually well under $30.

Now you've got your card, and you've got your reader, and we're ready to load some sound.

First off plug the reader into your computer.

Next insert the SD Card. The Card will appear as an external drive.

Now copy your track selections from the file where you told the ripper put the tracks, and paste them onto the SD Card. Remember the Dream Player currently can only play 4 individual files per SD Card, so keep this in mind when loading sounds.

Now that you've got the files on the Card you have to number them, do the same procedure as you would to rename the file, only in front of the file name put either a 1-, 2-, 3- or 4- (example 1-barnyard.wav) these are the order in which they'll play.

After you finished that you're all set, just stick the card in the Dream Player and you should be all ready to play.