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Converting Audio Files Using Audacity

In this article we will go over exactly how to turn those non WAV files such as MP3 into the WAV format that the Dream Player needs to run properly.

The best program to convert these files is a free software download called Audacity, which can be obtained by clicking on the following link.

Converting the files is a simple process.

1. First you will want to open up the program. It should open with an empty workspace.

2. Next click on the tab on the top menu bar titled "Project" and select the "Import Audio" button.

3. This will bring up window where you can navigate your computer to find the audio file you want to convert. We will use SeasideDay.mp3 for our example today. Click to enlarge image

4. Once you find the file you want click the "open" button. A progress bar will appear while the program retrieves your file.

5. The file will appear in peak wave format. Please note that on the left side of the peaks in the info box, that file is now in 44.1Khz. Click to enlarge image

6. Now under the "file" tab on the top bar select "Export as Wave". A window will appear and you can give your file a new name if desired. If you are satisfied with the name click the "Save" Button. Click to enlarge image

7. A progress bar will appear. Please note that if the file is pretty large it may take several minutes to export the file so please be patient.

Once it says it has completed exporting the file than you are ready to load the file onto the SD card and try playing it on your Dream Player.

Pretty simple isn't it?