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The PRICOM Story

PRICOM was founded in 1981 by Robert Scheffler and was located in Wheaton, IL. We started out designing little widgets for a few friends and family customers, including Trivial Pursuit timers, model rocket launchers, hotel wakeup callers, model railroading controllers, theatrical lighting controllers, etc. By 1983 we had taken on computer repairs by offering a repair depot service for 5 local computer stores just before the successful IBM PC had really grown. We averaged about 25 Kaypro computer repairs per week with a total of 6 employees. Once the IBM PC (and clones as they were called in those days) had caught on, the service business shifted from the hobbyist to the professional, which meant field repairs, inventory, and certified service centers. This was not a direction we wanted to pursue as our roots were in electronics design, not swapping boards. In 1984 we landed a good design services contract with Magic Music Cassette Company. Under this contract we designed a custom cassette compilation system. This system created a custom cassette from a library of 100,000 songs, based on the customers song-list. Several patents were awarded, which amazing enough look just like the modern day music download services with an MP3 player! In 1988 our work then shifted to Duplitronics, designing and building a high-speed cassette production "Digital Bin". The DM-400 as we called it, was essentially 1GigaByte of DRAM in a 9U rackmount chassis. Keep in mind that we are talking 1988, so it took 8,192 chips to get a GigaByte, the very new chip by Toshiba held 1 Megabit, which was advanced for 1988. That DRAM fed into 4 high-speed D/A converters at 850 MegaBytes/Second to record cassette tapes at up to 180X real-time. That 850MB/sec was the fastest transfer-rate we knew of, faster than a Cray Computer! Our DAC design was heralded as the best sounding DAC in the duplication industry with careful attention towards jitter and the low-pass filters. Many of these systems are still in operation today! By 1995 we were involved in web hosting, data-center design, building servers, and writing lots of software. In 1999 Bob co-founded a company called Broadbus Technologies to bring the concept of a DRAM based server to the Cable TV Video On Demand (VOD) market. With the bubble burst, it proved to be a difficult time to raise venture capitol money and took nearly 3 years to complete, but in the end we persevered by raising over $50MM from tier-one V.C.'s. Bob relocated to Boston to work with Broadbus. After two years, Broadbus was headed in a good direction, and Bob was free to go back to PRICOM. In 2004 we relocated PRICOM near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Now PRICOM is working harder than ever to develop products for both direct sales, and also OEM customers. We are currently providing product design services for large companies, as well building and selling products related to our own personal passions: High-End Audio, and Model Railroading!

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