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Dream Player Sound Downloads

Audition the MP3 files, then download your favorite WAV versions. The WAV files will directly load into a Dream Player with perfect looping!

Caution: These files are all very large! We have listed the file sizes for your convenience. The WAV files are all 44.1KHz 16-bit Stereo, ultra-high fidelity for your Dream Player.

Warning: These files are only intended for loading on a Dream Player. Using these files for any other purpose is strictly prohibited!

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Railroad Crossing Bell

Can't call this a full track, it is really a loop for a railroad crossing. It is used in our new Bob's Bench section as a Block Occupancy Detector demo, playing this loop and using a Tortoise to move a 'gate'.

MP3 22KB WAV 222KB

Barnyard during the daytime

Very busy barnyard during the day. Pigs, horses, chickens, birds. A real menagerie of barnyard animals!

MP3 5Meg

WAV 53Meg

Barnyard at night

A bit more calm than the Day version. Features Coyotes agitating the chickens and horses while they slumber.

MP3 5Meg

WAV 54Meg

Battlefield during fighting

A battle somewhere between WW2 and Desert Storm. Choppers, jets, bombs, machine guns, all the finer hardware of battle.

MP3 5Meg WAV 61Meg

City during the daytime

Modern city with cars, busses, a policeman directing traffic, sirens, and a crash or two.

MP3 5Meg WAV 58Meg

Public swimming pool

A typical public pool with kids playing, splashing, screaming, and a few birds to keep from getting irritated at the screaming kids.

MP3 4Meg

WAV 45Meg

Rural suburbia during the daytime

Semi-quiet suburban street with kids playing, birds, and an occasional car or motorcycle driving by.

MP3 5Meg

WAV 54Meg

Rural suburbia at night

Quiet suburban street at night. Crickets, and a couple dogs.

MP3 5Meg WAV 56Meg

Rural suburbia during a rain storm

Suburban street at night with a rain storm. The animals are quiet during some thunder claps.

MP3 5Meg WAV 56Meg

Seaside during the day

A nice quiet seaside scene during a summer day. No people to bother you, just some pesky seagulls. The tranquility of the surf will make you forget all your troubles.

MP3 5Meg WAV 58Meg

Seaside at night

A nice quiet seaside scene during the evening. No people to bother you, and those pesky seagulls are sleeping. The tranquility of the surf will make you forget all your troubles and maybe just put you to sleep.

MP3 5Meg

WAV 58Meg

Looking for more variety? Looking for a special scene? Stamp Mills, Saw Mill, Logging Camp, Streams & Creeks, and many more. Check out these sounds available from Fantasonics for your Dream Player.

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