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Steven Scheffler, is in charge of managing the overall day-to-day operations of PRICOM Design, and ensuring that orders are fulfilled in a timely manner.

Steven has earned college degrees in a variety of fields including; an Associate of Applied Science in Business Marketing, an AAS in Business Management, and an AAS in Supervision, as well as an Associate degree in Entrepreneurship.

Prior to his involevment with PRICOM Steven worked as an Inventory Controller at Three S Farm. There he learned the importance of just in time inventory management and recognizing patterns in consumer buying habits, taking this information to determine the right amount of inventory to meet the demand of the customer without incurring the extra expense of carrying excess merchandise. For his gaining expertise in these fields and to help branch out his exposure to the different elements of the business, Steven was given the task of developing an online marketing plan to help increase the exposure of Three S Farm's products. After researching competing firms' advertising styles and finding areas that they could improve on, he incorporated these findings into a campaign that lead to a revenue increase of 25% for Three S Farm. For the success of his efforts Steven was given the task of maintaining the customer base that he helped develop and was put in charge as the director of the Marketing Department.

Steven was brought on by PRICOM in 2009 to take over the Customer Service department. In this position he learned about different issues that customers were having with existing products and how to handle them. More importantly though he has learned about features customers were requesting and has suggested ways of incorporating these features into new and existing products.

To help with the management of an increasing quantity and pace of orders Steven was given the position of Director of Operations and given the charge of the day to day operations of PRICOM to ensure the fluency of the business procedures, where he remains today.

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