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Dream Player PRO Firmware Update to v2.0 Now Available

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Dream Player PRO Firmware Update to v1.9 Now Available

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Dream Player MK2 Firmware Update to v2.1 now available.

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Dream Player LITE Firmware Update to v2.0 now available.

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PRICOM Introduces:

Layout Lighting

The Ultimate Device in Complete Lighting Solutions

Control LED's, DMX-512 dimmers, and more!

All from a web browser!

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PRICOM Introduces:

The Dream Player PRO

The most advanced player in the Dream Player Trilogy.

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PRICOM Introduces:

The Dream Switcher Power Edition

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PRICOM Introduces:

The Dream AMP

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PRICOM Introduces:

The Dream Player MK2

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PRICOM Introduces:

The Dream Mixer-Passive Edition

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Dream Player LITE--$39

The Dream Player LITE is the smallest audio playback device in the Dream Player Family. The LITE can be triggered via buttons, motion sensors, etc...The LITE can also control outputs such as LED's and motors. The Player uses a removable Micro Mini SD Card for ease of operation and loading of files. All playback settings are stored on the SD Card and may be customized to your specific situation. A unique feature of the LITE is its low power consumption, which gives you the ability to easily run the player off a battery. The LITE plays audio output through a 3.5mm stereo jack, making it compatible with almost any stereo speakers. The LITE plays 44.1 Khz, 16-bit, Stereo, WAV files. That's the same quality level of a CD!

Use the Dream Player LITE to add High Quality, personalized, sounds to your next project!

Dream Player MK2--$69

The MK2 is a solid-state audio player featuring opto-issolated external input triggers for DCC Decoders or simple push buttons, as well as control outputs for controlling automated layout devices. The MK2 plays 44.1KHz, 16-bit Stereo, WAV files. No quality compromising MP3's here!

The MK2 sounds as good as a real CD player, but with no moving parts.

Finally you can bring High Quality sound to your project!

Use the MK2 for any project that deserves the realism of sound. Our customers have used the MK2 in theme parks, museum displays, zoo exhibits, information booths, artwork displays, Model Railroads and much more! The sky is the limit!

Dream Player MK2 Amplified--$89

The MK2 Amplified includes all the traits of the MK2. In addition to the features of the original, the MK2 Amplified features a built in on-board 2 Watt Stereo Amplifier. This amplifier allows you to connect non-powered speakers to your player and drive them directly from the board.

The MK2 Amplified includes: a solid-state audio player; opto-isolated external input triggers for controlling simple push buttons or motion sensors; and external outputs for controlling devices such as LED's or motors. The MK2 Amplified's high quality sound and trigger-ability makes it the ultimate choice for applications such as model railroading, museum displays, information booths, artwork, theme parks, music boxes...the possibilities are endless!

Dream Player PRO--$99

The Ultimate Project Sound Solution, the Dream Player Professional (PRO) Edition is the most advanced member of the Dream Player Family. The "PRO" is able to play multiple tracks at the same time and up to 6 files Polyphonic. Unlike other Dream Players, the PRO features control jacks that can be connected to the PRICOM Network (PNET). This connection will allow you to have up to 32 trigger-able tracks. The Configuration File stored on the PRO's SD Card gives the user the ability to set which features and functions are to be used. The PRO is one of the most economical Polyphonic audio playback devices you can find on the market, making it an ideal choice for your budget as well as your sound project needs.

New Firmware Update Allows for Midi Control!!!

The Dream AMP--$59

Directly power your speakers with the Dream AMP. This 10 Watt Class D Stereo Amplifier allows you to take any stereo 3.5mm input and send it to any set of speakers. The Dream Amp features an on-board volume control knob to allow for precise adjustments.

The Milli-AMP--$19

Need a slightly smaller Amplifier? The Milli-AMP is a great solution. This 2 Watt Class D Stereo Amplifier allows you to take any stereo 3.5mm input and send it to any set of speakers. The Milli-Amp features an on-board volume control knob to allow for precise adjustments. Its small 1" x 2" size makes it ideal for even the smallest projects.

The Dream Mixer - Active Edition--$59

The Dream Mixer Active Edition enables you to take up to four Audio Inputs and mix them together into one output. Perfect for those situations where you need four independent audio players but only have the space or desire for one set of speakers. The Active Mixer features on-board controls that allow you to adjust the audio output levels of each individual channel.

The Dream Mixer - Passive Edition--$19

The Dream Mixer Passive Edition enables you to take up to four Audio Inputs and combine them into one output.

Perfect for those situations where you need four independent audio players but only have the space or need for one set of speakers.

Dream Switcher - Audio Switcher--$29

Do you want to route the 4 seperate tracks of a Dream Player to 4 different locations? The Dream Switcher-Audio is the answer for you! The Audio Switcher contains 4 relays that send the audio from a Dream Player (or other audio source) to 4 different locations on your layout and into 4 different sets of speakers. It's like having four players!

Dream Player - Power Switcher--$29

The Dream Player Power Switcher allows you to connect to any position of the relay.

Meaning you can activate certain accessories or actions when the relay is Open and/or have other actions take place when the relay is Closed.

PRICOM Button Board--$19

The Button Board is a simple input/output contact closure device for use with the Dream Player MK2, MK2 Amplified or PRO. It is easy to connect and simple to use. The Button Board features: Terminal Strip Connections, Four LED's and Four Buttons. All mounted on a convenient circuit board .

PIR Motion Sensor--$29

Perfect for situations that call for a nice compact and simple motion detector. Only three wires are required, and all three connect to the Dream Player. Allowing for an exceptionally simple set-up.

We've done our research and this is the most compatible sensor you can find for use with our Dream Players.

The Layout Lighting Solution--$699-$899

The Layout Lighting Board is a ready to run lighting solution. The Board features an exceptionally simple user interface that connects to your wireless network and allows you to control your project lighting via a web browser, eliminating the need for a dedicated layout computer.

The Layout Lighitng Board controls LED's, DMX-512, and even incadecent fixtures. Use the Layout Lighting Solution to set various levels, presets, events and much more!

Great for Model Railroad Lighting, Theatre Production Lighting, and more!

Hex Driver--$99

High Current Control of DC Loads

Use for switching or dimming LED Lights and more

16 1Amp Channels

Powered by PNET through your PRICOM products

Features a DIP Switch to set functions and address.


DC Power Controller--$79

For use with your Dream Player PRO, Layout Lighting or other products for High-Current switching and dimming.

Features 4 channels of 8 Amp High-Current switching for operating LED Lamps, LED strips, 12 VDC Lamps or other High-Current loads.

Opto-Input Controller--$39

Four Optically Isolated Inputs. Connect switches, buttons, motion sensors, or other contact closures.

Powered by PNET through your PRICOM products

Features a DIP Switch to set functions and address.

DCC Pocket Tester   (firmware v1.52 )


Have you ever wanted to see all the data on your rails? Or figure out why a loco doesn't respond?

Then the DCC Pocket Tester is the device for you!

The DCC Pocket Tester is a complete protocol analyzer and data capture device for DCC Model Railroading. Test all your track, sidings, controllers and wiring with our detailed and accurate DCC Pocket Tester.

Decodes the new Analog Playable Whistle Packet. Also a new OpsMode programming monitor screen!


Software Updates and Downloads

Visit this page for available downloads including: User Manuals; FLASH Image Files; and PC Software supporting all PRICOM Products.

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