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PNET LocoNet Bridge Board

Optically Isolated LocoNet® Bridge

One Digitrax LocoNet® Jack

Two PNET Command and Control Jacks

Optically Isolated DCC Receiver

DIP Switch to set Function and Address

Powered from LocoNet® and PNET

The PNET to LocoNet Bridge Board enables the connection of LocoNet devices to the PRICOM Network (PNET). By using this board you can receive Fast-Clock information over LocoNet and translate them to PNET commands so that lighting and sound events may be synchronized to a Fast-Clock.

Meet the PNET to LocoNet Bridge Board

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Layout Lighting Introduction Video

Starter Kit Assembly Video

Software Operation Video


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PNET LocoNet Bridge Board (PNET-LOCO)

Enables Communication between PNET and LocoNET.



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